EMI has 40 years of experience in sound room installation. Each room installation is different, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the sound room your practice needs. 

Single wall rooms

Single walled room is the basic design used in the industry. Single wall room are not all born equal, thicker and better sound proofing material improve sound reduction performance.

Double wall rooms

Double wall room are the ultimate sound reduction solution. For application where maximal sound reduction is necessary the double wall room is the best choice.

Single wall With control room

For added comfort and sound proofing a room with both an exam section and control section is a great clinic solution.

Double wall patient room, single wall control room

A balanced solution, top of the line sound reduction for the patient and basic sound reduction in the control room.


The ultimate arrangement, double wall control room and patient room for advanced sound management.

254 mini max, Wheeled single person compact both

A compact an affordable solution. Shipped already assembled, wheeled so that it can be moved wherever it is needed.

254 Mini MAX