Interacoustics equinox 2.0

Equinox 2.0 is a user-friendly, PC-based clinical audiometer. A full clinical audiometer, which can be directly integrated with databases and electronic medical record systems. With the Equinox 2.0, you get a comprehensive test battery, counseling tools, flexible reporting, built-in wave files and recorded speech. Plus, its flexibility allows for easy customization to fit with your workflow.

Interacoustics Callisto

Callisto™ is an ultra portable PC-based modular system that accommodates the needs of the traveling clinician doing home visits or traveling between different sites, providing all the necessary air, bone and masking features required for basic or advanced diagnostic and clinical use. 

Interacoustics AC40

AC40 is a full two-channel clinical audiometer that includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic. It features pre-programmed and automated tests with a large LCD screen to make testing easier. The AC40 comes standard with high frequency audiometry, multi-frequency audiometry, MLD, a built-in free field amplifier and more.

Interacoustics AD629

The AD629 is a full-featured traditional diagnostic standalone audiometer that also features full PC-integration, exible reporting tools and database storage (NOAH, OtoAccess™, XML). The AD629 presents a professional image whether in a clinic – or on the road.

Interacoustics AD226

The high quality of the AD226 makes it well-suited for stationary or portable applications where diagnostic testing of air and bone conduction thresholds are performed. The time-saving automatic test functions combined with the computer interface make the AD226 ideal for modern healthcare environments.

Interacoustics AS608

The portable AS608 is ideal for use in schools, industrial settings, primary medical practices, and other areas where quick hearing screening is required. It is easy to use and offers calibrated pure tone and warble tone stimuli. AS608e (extended license) includes the automated Hughson-Westlake pure tone threshold test and PC-integration via USB using the Diagnostic Suite software, which allows for transfer of audiometric data to the PC.


Interacoustics pa5

The PA5 is a free field audiometer designed for use by trained health care professionals involved in testing young children. It features one hand operation, silent presentation buttons and a variety of light and sound stimuli.