Benson CCA-100 MINI

Compact and cost effective computer controlled system, can store up to 300 Audiograms, fast, full-page reports with Audiogram, demographic, exposure data and Frequency averages for WSIB on standard paper for convenient permanent record keeping

AudioStar PRO

Benson CCA-200 MINI

The CCA-200 mini has standard expanded capabilities: Storing unlimited number of subjects and audiograms, user test configuration for even faster testing. 

Benson's NEXT

The Next audiometer combines the ease of touchscreen operation with powerful analysis to keep up with the latest OSHA compliance mandates. Just touch the screen and Next will take control to deliver a valid audiogram.


Benson's ccf-200 fit test

The CCF-200 Fit Test automatically measures the sound attenuation that an individual subject receives while wearing earplugs. The system reports a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) in decibels, representing the amount of protection. The CCF-200 integrates the fit testing into the hearing testing process: after a few simple instructions at the conclusion of the audiogram,
you can add fit testing to the annual regimen.


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Benson's ccs-200 sPIROMETER

The CCS-200 spirometer produces accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in NIOSH-compliant programs. The single-use disposable mouthpiece mounts easily and securely in the handle, and is removed after testing with the press of a button.