Interacoustics Titan

The Titan from Interacoustics is a modular platform that lets you combine the tools you need with handheld freedom and full flexibility. Customize your Titan through dedicated software modules to create a winning combination for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. A truly mighty platform with ease of use, professionalism and convenience in one device.

AudioStar PRO

Interacoustics Eclipse

AEP, ASSR, VEMP & OAE Testing on One Dedicated Platform. Customize your Eclipse through dedicated software modules to create your personal system for your clinic.

Interacoustics OTOREAD

The new OtoRead™  combines fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing of newborn babies, children and adults in an easy to use, handheld device.Whether your testing protocols call for transient evoked or distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing, OtoRead™  provides the optimal solution. It can be used for a simple screening or for a more detailed assessment in diagnostic mode, testing across a wide range of frequencies.



Interacoustics sera

The Sera™  automated ABR provides a reliable and easy to interpret pass or refer result - important in any newborn hearing screening program. The solution builds on extensive clinical research and our many years of experience in ABR testing. The protocol provides a reliable result with an algorithmic sensitivity of 99.9% and a specificity greater than 96%.