Interacoustics VisualEyes 515/525

VisualEyes™ 515 is the standard VNG platform with standard protocols for Spontaneous Nystagmus, Bithermal Caloric, Positional and Dix-Hallpike testing.

VisualEyes™ 525 offers the same test protocols as VisualEyesTM 515 and additionally expands into oculomotor tests with standard protocols for Gaze, Saccade, Smooth Pursuit and Optokinetic testing.


Interacoustics VN415/vo425

Our VN415 module is designed for convenient computer aided analysis of positional and caloric testing, featuring rapid data transfer technology enabling high quality video and precise measurements, with all results stored in our OtoAccessTM database.

Our VO425 software module is designed for clinics that carry out detailed balance evaluations, containing all the features of the VN415 plus computer aided analysis of oculomotor tests.

Interacoustics VF405

VF405 provides ideal conditions for fixation-free observation and recording of eye movements during spontaneous testing, positional and Dix-Hallpike testing, head impulse testing and user defined testing.

Interacoustics EyeSeeCam vHIT

vHIT provides quick and objective measurements of the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR).

EyeSeeCam vHIT captures this abnormal eye movement, displays the head and eye movements simultaneously in realtime, analyzes the data and then provides a simple graphical presentation of the results. This information is then used to determine further recommendations for the care of the patient

Interacoustics Air Fx & Aqua Stim

The Interacoustics irrigators offer a choice of stimuli, either water or air, for caloric testing during the VNG test protocol.